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Five Unique Cultural Experiences You Can Enjoy in Scandinavia

Oslo Fjord Sauna

Uncover the enchanting tales woven into Scandinavia’s fabric of history, culture, and tradition. From the storied Viking Age to contemporary marvels, you will find many unique Scandinavian experiences. Whether you’re a history buff, a food enthusiast, or an art lover, Scandinavia has treasures for all. Join us as we delve into five exceptional cultural journeys […]

Lake Saimaa, Finland – The Most Peaceful Vacation

Lake Saimaa Archipelago FInland Lakelands

Introduction to Lake Saimaa, and the Finnish Lake Region It is the penultimate day of August 2023, and I find myself in the heart of Finland’s Lake Region. Rain droplets, albeit few, glide on the large windows of the vehicle taking our small group to our next destination. The light blue-grayish hue of the sky, […]