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Unique Iceland Tour Packages for Travelers Passionate About Discovery

Discover our Luxury Tours in Iceland

Looking to explore the real Iceland? Discover Scandinavia has the passion, creativity, and expertise required to design truly unforgettable private Iceland tours that are packed full of luxurious features and authentic sights. 

On our private tours of Iceland, you explore the country with your dedicated tour guide and your private group of travelers. This is the most luxurious way to have that once-in-a-lifetime tour of Iceland.

Here at Discover Scandinavia Tours, we take care of all the logistics for you and your co-travelers, taking care of accommodations, transportation, and guided sightseeing. Our time-tested programs will allow you to experience Iceland on the dates of your choice, at a more personal pace that suits your unique group.

For even more private options, consider our Private Tours of Finland and our Private Tours of Norway. And please get in touch if you have any questions. 

Why Iceland?

There’s nowhere else like Iceland in the world, and we wouldn’t have it any other way. A place where continents literally collide, a visit is a chance to explore Earth at its most primeval, yet beautiful.
Whether you stick to the well-trodden exploits of the Golden Circle or Route 1, the ring road which circles the island, or head off the beaten path across meadowland home to the huldufólk (hidden people or elves), you’re never far from an adventure in Iceland.

Head onto glaciers, making their slow progress down to crystal clear waters which are home to over eight species of whale and more than the occasional iceberg. Accept the warm embrace of a geothermal spring or trek across one of 130 active volcanoes, before saying halló to the lundi (puffins) that nest on the coastal clifftops outside the capital, Reykjavik.

Then count down the seconds until the next explosion of the country’s biggest geysers, before soaking up the incredible atmosphere that comes with experiencing the Northern Lights in person.

And the discoveries don’t stop there. The country’s culture goes far beyond its funky knitwear to cover everything from unique cuisine and stunning contemporary design to a book industry that has seen one in ten of the population become a published author. Whatever your itinerary, you’re sure to return home with a myriad of tales worthy of an Icelandic saga.


Interested In Other Nordic Destinations?

We can take you anywhere in Scandinavia!


Our escorted journeys allow travelers to explore Scandinavian destinations in the company of a very experienced Tour Director and a small group of fellow travelers. Group sizes are limited to 12 travelers and a limited number of departure dates are offered for each journey throughout the year. The Tour Director accompanies the group from the beginning to the end of the journey and often a private driver and vehicle (luxury mini coach) are also employed for maximum comfort. Additionally, we count on the expertise of several local guides at each of the destinations visited, further enhancing the experience. Our escorted journeys typically include most dinners, in order to better showcase local cuisines, and allow for the exploration of more remote destinations.
This option is ideal for travelers who enjoy traveling in the most worry-free manner possible while discovering destinations in the company of others, making new friends along the way.

Our independent journeys allow travelers to explore Scandinavian destinations with journeys offering a great balance between pre-arranged activities and free time to explore. When implementing one of our independent journeys for you, we handle all the logistics involved, including: hotels, airport transfers, transportation from city to city and all guided activities and excursions. You will not be with a Tour Director throughout the journey, but you will enjoy a number of sightseeing experiences led by experienced local guides. We can work with your desired dates, provided that availability exists at the many services involved in your independent journey.
This option is ideal for travelers who enjoy traveling independently and with a higher degree of flexibility to explore each location on their own.

Technically, Scandinavia refers primarily to Norway, Denmark and Sweden. When thinking of Nordic Countries, add to the list Finland and Iceland as well. Discover Scandinavia Tours can take you to any location in Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland and Iceland. Currently we also offer extensions in Estonia, which is of particularly convenient access when visiting Finland, given that Tallinn – Estonia’s beautiful capital – can be reached by a short ferry ride from Helsinki.

Simple: just call us at 800-936-2814 and talk to one of our Scandinavia specialists. Alternatively, you can email us at

If you are interested in a group tour, you can book any departure as long as there are seats available (but remember: we have a maximum of 12 seats per departure, so booking early is recommendable). If you want a private tour, you can book as far as 2 years in advance. For last-minute travelers, please keep in mind that we need a minimum of 30 days to implement a private program.

With our group tours of Scandinavia you can choose from a number of fixed departures throughout the year. If you need more flexible dates, our private tours allow us to work with any dates you have in mind, provided that we find adequate availability at all hotels and other services included in your particular program.

Yes, we do. Please contact us for details.

You will find our cancellation policy, along with all our terms and conditions, RIGHT HERE.

In short, you can typically view the Northern Lights between September and March. But if you really want a memorable Northern Lights vacation, we created an entire blog post dedicated to this question, which you can read RIGHT HERE.

You most certainly can! Just email us (info@DiscoverScandinaviaTours.com) or call us (800-936-2814) and we will start your dream Scandinavian vacation with a free consultation.