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How Long Does it Take to Travel Around Scandinavia?

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When it comes to unanswerable questions, “How long should I spend traveling in Scandinavia?” is one of our favorites — mostly because we could talk about the wonders of the Nordic region for days!

The Scandinavian Peninsula alone (Norway and Sweden) is 1,150 miles (1,850 km) long with an area of 289,500 square miles (750,000 sq km). And that’s before you factor in Denmark, Finland, and Iceland.

But it’s not all about the size. This region is home to historic and chic cities like Oslo, Copenhagen, Stockholm, and Helsinki. There are natural phenomena like the Northern Lights and the Midnight Sun, not to mention the jaw-dropping beauty of the Fjords and the snowy joys of Lapland.

As a US-based leader in luxury tours of Scandinavia, we understand how hard it is to balance all the incredible experiences available with the inevitable time constraints. But with our carefully crafted itineraries, we’ve perfected it!

Read on to find out our thoughts on how long it takes to travel around Scandinavia. And if you have any questions for us along the way, please feel free to get in touch.

What Scandinavian Countries Do You Want to Visit?

We won’t get into an etymology lesson here, but the term Scandinavia traditionally refers only to Denmark, Norway, and Sweden, geographically speaking. It can also stretch to include Greenland (a Danish territory) and the Faroe Islands (a self-governing part of Denmark). In a geographical sense, then, Finland and Iceland are not considered part of Scandinavia.

But culturally speaking, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Iceland, and Finland (as well as the Faroe Islands) are all considered Scandinavian. So, if you’re preparing to visit Scandinavia, you have to decide which of these countries you want to experience.

At Discover Scandinavia Tours, we have designed Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Iceland, and Finland vacation packages, so we know the struggle that comes with trying to make this choice!

Our Denmark luxury tour and Sweden luxury tour both last for eight days, while our various Norway vacation packages all cover 12 days. Our Finland tours also span eight days, and our Iceland tour packages include 7- and 8-day itineraries.

As you can see, the days quickly stack up! Browsing these single-country trip itineraries is a great way to find travel inspiration and get an idea of what’s possible. But if you want to experience the joys of numerous nations, you need to focus on Scandinavian multi-country tours.

How Long Do You Need to Visit Multiple Scandinavian Countries?

As you may already have guessed, the time you need to explore Scandinavia ultimately depends on you. How many days do you have? What are your non-negotiables? What time of year do you want to visit?

If this will be your first time traveling in the Nordic region, we think you’ll find our Scandinavia Guide for First-Time Travelers helpful. It’s a great introduction to some of the most important points you need to consider while planning your trip.

Broadly speaking, we believe that Scandinavian adventures can range from a minimum of 13 days to a realistic maximum of 22 days. How did we come up with these numbers? Well, through our own experiences traveling through the region!

We used first-hand experience to craft three immersive multi-country Scandinavia tours.

At the shorter end of the scale, is the Nordics Silver tour. This 13-day package covers the highlights and hidden gems of Denmark, Norway, and Sweden. In a little under two weeks, you can visit the three capital cities of Copenhagen, Oslo, and Stockholm, marvel at Norway’s Fjords, ride the iconic Flåm railway, and so much more.

A level up from this is the 18-day Nordics Gold tour. In addition to Denmark, Norway, and Sweden, this package also includes Finland and a bonus trip to Tallinn, Estonia. In Finland, you visit the capital Helsinki as well as the enchanting town of Porvoo.

At 22 days, our Nordics Diamond tour is the longest of our multi-country Scandinavia vacation packages. In addition to everything mentioned in the previous two tours, this package begins in Iceland. Your adventure in the Land of Fire and Ice includes Reykjavik, the world-famous Golden Circle, beautiful black sand beaches, roaring waterfalls, as well as the Sky Lagoon and Blue Lagoon.

So, how long does it take to travel around Scandinavia?

Ultimately, the longer you can spend in Scandinavia the better! Our recommended minimum is around two weeks, which is why our shortest Scandinavia tour comes in at a highly efficient 13 days. And while we’d love to be on the road endlessly, around three weeks is a realistic maximum for most lifestyles, interests, and budgets.

Another important consideration at this point is the time of year at which you travel. If you’re undecided, check out our blog Best Times to Travel to Scandinavia for more information about what conditions to expect in each season.

We know from experience how hard it is to decide! But you can always take the approach we do — make return visits to ensure you see it all!

Build Your Dream Vacation with a Custom Scandinavia Tour

Our team of expert trip planners has worked wonders to design multi-country Scandinavia tours that showcase the very best the region has to offer. And that’s not just our opinion! Our previous customers leave us glowing reviews telling us so!

But this is your vacation, and if you want to tweak aspects of our pre-planned packages to create an adventure that suits you better, look no further than our “Add Your Touch” custom tours of Scandinavia.

During a free consultation, we talk about which of our journeys appeal to you and what areas you may want to change. We then use the information you provide to create a preliminary vacation plan. Our team will then refine this further if you have any feedback.

At Discover Scandinavia Tours, we have a true passion for the Nordic countries and we want to help as many people experience them as possible. Take the first step toward your own unforgettable journey and contact us. Our US-based team is here to help however we can.

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