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Meet Us

A Team of Scandinavia Experts at Your Service.



Marcelo’s role at Discover Scandinavia Tours consists of managing the triangular foundation for the company: 1) hire only excellent professionals; 2) conceive Scandinavian vacation experiences guaranteed to deeply impact our clients’ lives, in a truly positive way, every time, and 3) define and continuously calibrate a company culture where excellence, growth and success – regardless of how they are measured – are inevitable.

EXPERTISE: Business Strategy, Vacation Engineering, Scandinavia as a Destination, Process Design

When not immersed in all things Scandinavia, Marcelo, a native of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, likes to spend time enjoying some of his other passions: music, the martial arts, exercising, reading, Mathematics and his beautiful family: Amy (wife and business companion), wonderful little Luciana and twin teens Ben and Emily.



Helen, always warm and approachable, employs machine-like precision and consistency to ensure that our complex “engines,” the processes and operations behind Discover Scandinavia Tours, work smoothly, every day.  Her work is at the heart of our growth and success as a company. A native of England, she brings almost 20-years of travel industry experience to Discover Scandinavia Tours, with a background in administration, operations and finances.

EXPERTISE: Business Administration, HR, Problem Solving, Bookkeeping, Excellence

As well as a passion for travel, Helen is also a voracious reader, avid soccer fan and a bit of a foodie! She and her family (husband Simon and teenagers Emily and Jack), enjoy watching live sports, lounging at the pool or beach, and discovering new restaurants.

Rachel Merrill



Rachel believes that exploring new regions and connecting with people from around the world brings fresh perspectives and enriches our life story. As a travel professional, Rachel has spent the last decade facilitating meaningful connections with guides, hotels, restaurateurs, naturalists, and artisans providing access to authentic and immersive experiences in North America, Europe and beyond. 

Both through work and curiosity, Rachel has managed to travel to several countries across the globe with her favorite destination being Scandinavia, due to its natural beauty and friendly, forward-thinking, warm, and sensible people.

EXPERTISE: Travel Planning, Project Management, Vendor Relations, Product Development, Design

Raised in the Midwest, Rachel was able to pursue her dream of moving to California and settled in San Diego for 15 years. In 2020, together with her husband and two fun-loving boys, Rachel returned to West Michigan.

When Rachel is not crafting itineraries or assisting travelers, you can find her wandering farmer’s markets with her boys, hiking coastal paths for the best views, or enjoying a cup of coffee (or glass of wine) with an old friend.



Vicky is a masterful problem solver, probably in part because she thinks of every problem as a puzzle… and puzzles are fun! Always patiently, always full of initiative and with tremendous attention to detail, Vicky works with our group (set departure) programs, meticulously ensuring that all the necessary logistical details are addressed before the magic starts. She ensures smooth and seamless experiences for all our clients who have signed up for our group tours. It is also her talented work that shows on our gorgeous pamphlets and other informational material.

EXPERTISE: Logistics Protocols, Client Care, Supplier Interfacing, Graphic Design, Invoicing 

Vicky enjoys running, biking and getting out on the lake with her husband (Jon) and two young sons. She also has a husky (Bella) with whom she skijors with during the long Minnesota winters.



Aja boasts nearly two decades of invaluable experience within the dynamic realm of the travel industry, specializing in tour operators and luxury travel agencies. Throughout her illustrious career, Aja has cultivated a passion for fostering genuine connections with people. Her dedication to excellence is exemplified in her ability to curate memorable and meaningful interactions that leave an indelible mark on those she serves.

EXPERTISE: Logistics Protocols, Client Care, Supplier Interfacing

Aja hails from New Jersey. As a mother to a precocious little boy named Jax, she finds herself constantly on her toes. Her interests span across various realms, including a deep love for reading, travel, shopping, and the exploration of new culinary delights and art exhibitions.



Corey, hailing from Virginia Beach, found his passion for travel amidst the mountains of Boulder, Colorado, where he pursued a degree in Geography. His career in luxury travel has spanned from Moab to Marco Island domestically, and internationally from Reykjavik to Rome, crafting unforgettable experiences for discerning clients worldwide.

EXPERTISE: Logistics Protocols, Client Care, Supplier Interfacing

During his leisure time, Corey indulges in the exhilarating world of scuba diving, ventures into the vast expanses of public lands, and proudly holds a season ticket for his local USL Soccer team, the Tampa Bay Rowdies.



David is an adventurer, world traveler, chef, artist and musician, who always seeks the beauty of our natural world and its relationship to humanity. Hailing from the Midwest, his adventures called him around the world from the mountains, glaciers and, rivers of the Northern Latitudes to the aquamarine waters of the Caribbean Sea. David’s diverse experiences have spanned almost 15 years in the travel industry. His meticulous attention to detail, wealth of experiential travel knowledge, and unwavering pursuit of perfection ensure that his guests experiences will exceed their expectations.

EXPERTISE: Attention to Detail, Problem Solving, Guest Experience, Vacation Planning

At home, David volunteers as an executive chef for local fundraisers and non-profit events, plays live music shows, coaches youth soccer, raises his young daughter (Aurora 4 years old) and is a full-time husband (wife Heather).



Pedro’s invariably (and genuinely) positive attitude is contagious. He is the man responsible for ensuring that our quotes are always accurate and fair, that our carefully-vetted suppliers are well represented and that their services are perfectly described in our products. In fact, his favorite word/expression is “Perfect!” A native of Buenos Aires, Argentina, Pedro brings with him an extensive background in luxury & sports travel.

EXPERTISE: Patience, Complex Data Entry, Contract Interpretation, Marketing, Systems Maintenance

Pedro enjoys the outdoors and exploring nature with his wife Maru and their two young sons. His other passions include music, drumming, boxing, surfing and reading.

Brenna Scheving



Brenna is an expert on all things Iceland. An American citizen, Brenna moved to the land of fire and ice in 2018 where she lives with her Icelandic husband and daughter. She has worked in the Icelandic tourism industry for several years and knows all the best tips and tricks about south Iceland. Brenna is also a freelance writer and regularly writes blogs and articles about Iceland’s hidden gems.

EXPERTISE: Problem Solving, Guest Experience, Iceland

In her spare time, Brenna studies the tricky Icelandic language at Háskoli Íslands University in Reykjavík. She also enjoys hiking with her family and reading books of all kinds. 



David, having explored over 100 countries, is an avid traveler and a seasoned hospitality professional with over a decade dedicated to the industry. His extensive background has provided him with a deep understanding of the importance of guest satisfaction and the intricacies of providing exceptional service. With his wealth of knowledge, he can offer invaluable advice and insights to fellow travelers, making their experiences memorable and enjoyable.

EXPERTISE: Guest Experience, Problem Solving, Scandinavian Culture

In his spare time, when not engaging in his hobbies (golf, chess, and soccer) or exploring new destinations, David relishes quality time with his wife and three boys. Since relocating to Sweden five years ago, David has been learning the language and can comfortably engage in conversation in Swedish.



Rowena, a native of the Philippines, connects our many followers, friends and fans to the stunning beauty of the Scandinavian countries through our social media platforms. With intense creativity, experience and detailed work she is responsible for helping all travelers in our network envision their perfect Scandinavian vacations as they learn from her carefully researched postings. 

EXPERTISE: Social Media Management, Research, Marketing

After the work day is over, music helps Rowena unwind, whether listening to her favorite artists or playing the piano, music is her favorite way to destress. Rowena also enjoys traveling and exploring new places with her husband Mario, and their three children: Krishna, Ashley and Bryant. 



From Day 1, Amy has been instrumental in every major decision behind the success of Discover Scandinavia Tours. She brings to the team a combination of worldliness, a deep understanding of people and a decision-making process grounded on wisdom, intelligence and kindness. She has also traveled extensively throughout Scandinavia alongside Marcelo, her husband and founder of the company.

EXPERTISE: People, Harmony, Scandinavia as a Destination

When not helping Discover Scandinavia Tours navigate the waters ahead, Amy loves traveling, cycling, cooking and spending time with her family (husband – Marcelo – and children Ben, Emily and Luciana). She also knows a thing or two about teeth…

Our Story

Back in 2011, Marcelo Guimaraes visited the five Nordic capitals for the first time, and he instantly fell in love with the people, the culture, and the history of the region. In an effort to share his experiences with the world, he founded Discover Scandinavia Tours in 2013, which seeks to combine the best elements of Northern Europe into memorable vacations people are bound to remember for a lifetime. After a humble start, Marcelo and our team have now helped hundreds of travelers explore the exotic landscapes and meet the friendly people of Scandinavia, greatly enriching their lives in the process.

Our Values

We believe that travel should be about just two things: making memories and having truly one-of-a-kind experiences. Because of this, all of our travelers always get one-on-one attention from our team, and we work closely with local experts to ensure quality and authenticity on every trip. Our goal is to turn your trip into something truly special, and we do that by paying attention to the small details that end up sticking in our clients’ minds for years to come.

Our Travelers

We aim to please the traveler whose mission is to get to the true essence of a place in the most enjoyable and comfortable way possible. That is why our tours focus on culture, history, food, nature, and we ensure that travel and accommodations are always first class. You will not be in a bordered-off resort far away from locals or staying in a downtown hostel that is overrun with college students. Our tours combine both luxury and local flavor to deliver an experience you literally can’t get anywhere else in the world.