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Where is the Best Place to Visit in Sweden?

Are you considering Sweden for your next adventure? If this Nordic wonderland is on your travel radar, you’re already on the right track! We’re Discover Scandinavia Tours, leaders in luxury tours of Scandinavia. Our carefully curated Sweden tours are the perfect gateway to exploring this remarkable country. Whenever we’re asked, “What is the best place […]

Summer in Scandinavia: An Adventure You Will Never Forget

Introduction: What Makes Summer in Scandinavia Unique? Summer in Scandinavia is a time when the sun stays up late, and the days seem to go on forever. It is a season when the region comes alive, with bustling cities, lush greenery, and colorful festivals. The Scandinavian summer is unique in many ways. For one, you […]

Want a Fantastic Winter Vacation? Visit Lapland!

by Marcelo Guimaraes – Founder & Owner of Discover Scandinavia Tours INTRODUCTION – Vacationing at the Top of the World Lapland is an adventure. I am not talking about dangling from a cliff, jumping from an airplane or searching long-lost treasures in some subterranean metropolis of millennia ago. By “adventure” I mean: inherently and delightfully […]

Three Swedish Easter Traditions that Might Surprise You

Easter – or Påsk in Swedish – is a fun time of the year. People are enjoying spring, kids are off school and families are getting together to celebrate. There are many Scandinavian Easter traditions, but we will focus on three of them here.

5 Places to Experience Viking History in Stockholm

If you have an interest in Viking history, Scandinavia is the place to go. Sweden, the last Norse country to adopt Christianity, has a fascinating Viking history. The Viking age begins around 800 CE and lasts until the mid 11th century. It’s a big part of Scandinavian history. There are many exciting places to visit […]