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5 Places to Experience Viking History in Stockholm

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Viking history stockholm

If you have an interest in Viking history, Scandinavia is the place to go.
Sweden, the last Norse country to adopt Christianity, has a fascinating Viking history. The Viking age begins around 800 CE and lasts until the mid 11th century. It’s a big part of Scandinavian history. There are many exciting places to visit to learn more about the Vikings. On this page, we will talk about 5 places to experience Viking history in Stockholm Sweden.

Viking History Guided Tour

With these tours, you visit Viking settlements and learn more about the Vikings and their place in Swedish history. You will travel outside of Stockholm and enjoy some of the picturesque Swedish countrysides. Some of the things you will be visiting are Broby Bro Runestones, Jarlabankes rune stone bridge in Täby and a Viking parliament. You will also visit Sigtuna Sweden’s oldest city. The city was founded by King Erik Segersäll of the Svea Kingdom in 970 AD. You will have a day full of Viking history and also get the opportunity to experience some smaller Swedish towns.

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Vikinga Liv

The Viking Liv museum will allow you to experience the Viking age, with interactive exhibitions. Do you want to know what farm life was like during the Viking age? How the Vikings plundered? The myths that go along with the Vikings? This and much more can be experienced at Viking Liv by Wasahamnen in Stockholm. Daily guided tours are available.

Rune Stones at Skansen

Skansen is a great place to visit to experience the Swedish history in general. It is the world’s oldest open-air museum showcasing farming and housing from around Sweden. They do have Runestones from the Viking age on display. These rune stones often took the form of dragons or snakes. Often raised to honor a dead ancestor or to remember an important event. Skansen is a fun park for the whole family.

The Viking City of Birka

Birka, situated on Björkö an island in Lake Mälaren, was one of the most important trading centers for the Vikings. Here you can visit the Birka museum, go for a walk through the cultural landscape or join one of the guided tours of the archaeological fields. Also, visit the reconstructed Viking village.

Enjoy a Viking Meal at Restaurant Aifur

Restaurant Aifur is named after the legendary Viking ship. It is designed and decorated in Viking style. The food, music, and atmosphere breaths Vikings. Located in, Gamla Stan, the old part of Stockholm city you can enjoy an evening just like the Vikings used to do.

If you are ready for a Viking adventure in Stockholm, we will be happy to help you with your tour arrangements. View our Must See Tour of Sweden , or contact us here!

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