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Five Things to Know Before You Go: Iceland

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5 Things to Know Before You Travel to Iceland1. Pack for Every Type of Weather

Whether you are traveling to Iceland in the summer months or winter, the forecast can be truly unpredictable. What does this mean? Plan for everything and anything that the weather gods may throw at you.

Check the short- and long-term forecast before you travel to get a general idea of what to pack for. Layers will be your friend!

Remember to also pack waterproof clothing no matter the season. 

Check the forecast throughout your trip, and if you have a tour planned in a different part of the country in which you are staying, check there too!

Oh, and don’t forget your sunglasses…even in the winter.

2. Bring a reusable water bottle

There is no need to buy bottled water in Iceland. Icelandic water is some of the best water you can find in the world. In most cases, you can even drink it straight from the river or waterfall, hence bring your own reusable bottle. Also a money-saving tip! 

3. Visiting in Summer? Bring a sleep mask

During the summer months, it is light for between 16-21 hours a day. But what about the Midnight Sun, I thought Iceland experienced 24-hour daylight, you say. Yes, Iceland does experience the Midnight Sun. The sun still sets, around midnight, and rises 3 hours later. During these hours, you won’t experience total darkness, more like an extended dusk, so you can still see very clearly.  

Though most hotels have black-out window coverings, we still recommend a sleep mask, especially for those light-sensitive sleepers!

4. You won’t need to use cash

It’s always a big question when traveling overseas to a country using a different currency, “How much cash should I bring with me?” Well, the good news is, that Iceland is one of the most credit card friendly countries in the world. Just remember to bring a card that won’t charge foreign transaction fees.

Read a little more about how to pay for things while in Scandaniva here, and we share some helpful information on tipping etiquette here.

5. Make Advance Reservations

Iceland has a very small population considering its size. Just 350,000. As tourism to the country has grown, annual visitors outnumber Icelanders by as many as 7 to 1. Due to this, it is highly recommended to make reservations ahead of traveling for the most popular restaurants and tourist attractions. If you wait until you arrive, there’s a chance you’ll miss out!

When traveling with Discover Scandinavia Tours,  we have included all of the must-see attractions in your itinerary and reserved your spot.

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