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ALL the Answers You Need on Scandinavian Ice Hotels (3 “Hidden” Gems)

September 25, 2020

Filed under: Scandinavian Attractions — Marcelo Guimaraes @ 2:50 pm

by Marcelo Guimaraes – Founder & Owner of Discover Scandinavia Tours

INTRODUCTION – Is an Ice Hotel Stay for Me?

Marcelo at the Snow Igloo in Alta

The Snow Igloo was melting when I got there…

Great news: you have decided to go on an awesome winter vacation in Lapland! Now you are thinking about all the fun things you will see and experience there, so these questions are inevitable: how about those hotels made of ice? Should I try that?

The answer is: YES! Well, perhaps if you are like my mother, who strongly despises the cold more than anything, you should rethink the whole trip… but otherwise, the experience is something you should not miss. There are several candidates (hotels made entirely of ice, that is) all over northern Scandinavia, so let’s get to know some of hotels and answer some of the most common questions that travelers have about them.

Also, chances are that you have heard of the original Ice Hotel, near Kiruna (Sweden). It was the first ice hotel built, back in 1989. They are great and consistently deliver an outstanding experience, but every single blog out there already mentions them. Therefore, I want to shine the spotlight on three other ice hotels which you should also consider visiting. (more…)

How to Set Up A Glacier Vacation in Iceland or Norway

September 22, 2020

Filed under: Awesome Itineraries,Scandinavian Attractions — Tags: , , , — Marcelo Guimaraes @ 4:16 pm

by Marcelo Guimaraes – Founder & Owner of Discover Scandinavia Tours

INTRODUCTION – What Can I Do on a Glacier?

Marcelo & guides on Vatnajokull

Marcelo and 2 guides during a hike on Vatnajokull (March 2014).

To most people, the idea of walking on a glacier is pretty exotic and seemingly out of reach. Seeing the inside of a glacier may even sound impossible… but it isn’t, fortunately! If you know how to get to a glacier and how to safely explore it, the adventure becomes accessible and realizable. That is what I intend on doing here: to cut through all the confusing information out there and give you just what you need: 1) a list of a few highly accessible glaciers; 2) information on how to get to them, and 3) how to best explore them. Specifically, I will be discussing glaciers in Iceland and Norway, since the glacier tourism infrastructure in those countries is quite developed. (more…)

Want a Fantastic Winter Vacation? Visit Lapland!

September 4, 2020

by Marcelo Guimaraes – Founder & Owner of Discover Scandinavia Tours

INTRODUCTION – Vacationing at the Top of the World

group tour in the norwegian lapland

Marcelo’s first visit to Lapland – Modern explorers in action!

Lapland is an adventure.

I am not talking about dangling from a cliff, jumping from an airplane or searching long-lost treasures in some subterranean metropolis of millennia ago. By “adventure” I mean: inherently and delightfully unique experiences. Regardless of where you come from, when you travel to Lapland you will feel like you are in a place different from all other places. Cliché ahead… but there is a certain magic to it, especially in the winter time.

You have heard about it, you have wanted to explore it, but you have questions. This is my humble attempt to address them. My focus on this document will be on winter Lapland vacations, but I am sure that other seasons will be covered in future articles. Let’s get to your questions, shall we? (more…)

A Practical Guide For A Wonderful Northern Lights Vacation

August 28, 2020

by Marcelo Guimaraes – Founder & Owner of Discover Scandinavia Tours


multi color northern lights show

An incredibly beautiful Northern Lights show

In the last few years, I have created many Northern Lights vacations for hundreds of clients. Often the interactions are initiated with the following request: “We want to go on a Northern Lights trip with the ultimate goal of viewing them. That’s the most important thing for us, since it has been on our ‘bucket list’ for a long time. Can you help us with that?”

It happens all the time. ALL the time. (more…)

How Our Tours “Be a Norwegian for 10 Days” Became a Reality

October 18, 2019

Filed under: Awesome Itineraries — Marcelo Guimaraes @ 10:50 am

Be a Norwegian for 10 Days

I am fascinated by Norway.Marcelo owner

To me, traveling in that country is somewhat similar to listening to songs by my favorite band, The Beatles: no matter how many times I experience it, there is always something new and fresh to be enjoyed. Something new to admire.

The scenery is jaw-dropping gorgeous, the culture is rich, the food is exquisite and the people are warm and exceptionally friendly. It was during one of my visits, just a couple of years ago, that it occurred to me that I had to create a way for my clients to enjoy Norway beyond the highlights.


Packing List for Your Norway Summer Vacation

May 13, 2019

Filed under: Awesome Itineraries,Scandinavian Attractions — discoverscandinaviatours @ 5:17 am

Your Norway vacation is booked, and you are starting to plan for your exciting adventure. Knowing what to pack and bring can be a little overwhelming, so we put together a list for you with items we think are helpful to bring on your Norway trip.

Some of these items might not apply to you depending on what you have planned on your vacation. If you are spending a week in Oslo or hiking the mountains, different activities will require different apparel and items.

Here are a few of the things we think are worth bringing on your Norway vacation.


3 Scandinavian Easter Traditions that Might Surprise You

April 3, 2019

Filed under: The Land And The People,Travel Info — discoverscandinaviatours @ 8:24 am

Easter or as we say in Sweden “Påsk” is a fun time of the year. People are enjoying spring, kids are off school and families are getting together. There are many Scandinavian Easter traditions, we will talk about 3 of them here.


UNESCO Sites to Visit in Norway

March 20, 2019

Filed under: Scandinavian Attractions — discoverscandinaviatours @ 12:58 pm

Norway is a beautiful country filled with natural beauty, maybe best known for its fjords and mountains.

Norway also has a lot of cultural and historical value to it. UNESCO, United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization, has eight sites in Norway on their World Heritage list. Interesting places to visit and explore.

The eight sites in Norway on the UNESCO World Heritage list are:


The Best Ways to Travel Between Scandinavian Countries

February 27, 2019

Filed under: Uncategorized — discoverscandinaviatours @ 2:59 pm

Traveling between the Scandinavian countries can be done in many different ways depending on the destinations you want to visit.

Norway, Sweden, and Finland are all connected and pretty easy to get around. Denmark is only a 20-minute ferry ride away from Sweden. Just enough time to enjoy that shrimp sandwich.

When it comes to Iceland, you have a little further to travel to reach the rest of Scandinavia. Let’s look at some of the best ways to travel between Scandinavian countries.


5 Places to Experience Viking History in Stockholm

February 20, 2019

Filed under: Uncategorized — discoverscandinaviatours @ 8:49 am
Viking history stockholm

If you have an interest in Viking history, Scandinavia is the place to go.
Sweden, the last Norse country to adopt Christianity, has a fascinating Viking history. The Viking age begins around 800 CE and lasts until the mid 11th century. It’s a big part of Scandinavian history. There are many exciting places to visit to learn more about the Vikings. On this page, we will talk about 5 places to experience Viking history in Stockholm Sweden.


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