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Discover Scandinavia Tour BlogWe just launched our new website, and with the new site, we also want to introduce our blog. Here we will share destination information, news and updates, you will get to know more about Discover Scandinavia Tours and the people behind it.

We are excited to share our knowledge of Iceland, Norway, Denmark, Sweden, and Finland. To share not only tips and ideas but the authentic Scandinavia. This is a part of the world that we know well, in fact, we know it really, really well.

Marcelo Guimaraes, the owner of the company, has traveled extensively throughout Scandinavia, discovering the golden nuggets and creating contacts with local suppliers and vendors. Veronica Lanzer, in Sales and Marketing, is a native Swede who has traveled to many of the Scandinavian corners, waiting to help you with your next adventure.

When you are planning your Scandinavian travels, you will have questions:

What are the “must-see” places and attractions in these countries? How will you as a traveler get around in the best way, seeing as much as possible? Where are the best restaurants to eat as the locals do? If you want exciting, thrilling adventures where in Scandinavia should you go? If you want natural beauty and historical sights what location is best for that?

With this blog, we will over time build a small library of information related to travels in Scandinavia. We will also share relevant news and events. Information that will be helpful when planning your trip to this beautiful part of the world.

Who Is Behind the Company of Discover Scandinavia Tours?

MarceloMarcelo Guimaraes founded the company back in 2013. It was after a trip to the Scandinavian capitals, where he experienced what these 5 countries have to offer, that he decided to share the love for these destinations with the world. It was the history, culture and the friendly people of Scandinavia that got him into business. Today Marcelo has a small team helping him give you a trip of a lifetime.

What We Do

  • Help you create memories in the beautiful Scandinavian countries
  • Provide you with unique experiences that you might not even have thought of
  • Customize your trip to your specific needs and likings
  • Provide you excellent service

Why You Should Travel with Us to Scandinavia

Scandinavia Experts – Scandinavia is what we do. We are experts on the destinations we sell. These 5 countries take all our time, energy and focus.

Personal Attention – We give one on one attention. If you are looking for somebody to create a customized tour in Scandinavia, we can help. You can also pick one of our already designed tours. We start with a already designed tour and adjust according to your needs. You will get personal attention from one of our Scandinavia experts.

Fantastic Service – When you buy your trip from us, the service doesn’t end with the sale. We are here to answer any questions you might have and to give you a fantastic service until you return from your travels.

US-Based Company – We are a US based company, this makes communication easy. We will get back with you promptly.

Traveler Reviews – What really matters is what our travelers think. Read some of the traveler reviews and find out what people, traveling with Discover Scandinavia Tours, really think.

From the DST team we want to take this opportunity to say, Welcome to our blog and to invite you to follow along on our travel journey!

We want to wish you a fantastic 2019! Hopefully, a travel year filled with Scandinavian experiences!

The Discover Scandinavia Tour Team

We Work. You Discover!

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